About our studio

About our studio



Ried Design is an innovative architectural design company serving areas all throughout Surrey and London. We have a tremendous passion for creative and innovative architectural design, an exemplary standard for creativity, and an extensive expertise in building and construction. Throughout our time in the industry, we have developed a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in all areas of construction, structural design, and project management – from conception to completion, Ried Design has the team that can execute at all levels of a building project with the passion and dedication that it takes to ensure a successful project.

Our Mission

At Ried Design, our mission is simple; we want to build the buildings of the future. We want all of our projects to reflect today’s values, using tomorrow’s technology. To us, nothing is more important than creative design and innovative architecture. In order for us to do what we do, we must accept the fact that in 2018, we live differently. Our houses, apartments, offices, and others must reflect that. At Ried Design, we’re not afraid of change. Our expert team of architectural designers and planners are ready to change the face of architecture.

Our Vision

We like to envision ourselves as much more than an architecture firm. At Ried Design, we see ourselves as construction managers. When it comes to today’s zeitgeist, we understand just how fast the world moves, especially in the UK. With that said, our vision is to provide the type of services that such a fast-paced world demands. We don’t just build buildings, we plan, we design, we consult, and we execute.



Our Team

The team at Ried Design is comprised of expert architectural designers and industry leaders in the areas of design, construction, planning, and consulting. We’re highly passionate in what we do because we understand the potential impact we can make within communities. Dedicated to creativity, innovation, and service, the team at Ried Design is fully prepared to handle any project presented to us, always ensuring that we follow the vision of our clients’ from conception to completion.








Our Fantastic Team

Mila Slavko

CEO – Main Architect

Austin Evon

Co-manager associated

Mery Insi

Architect – Designer

Jon Twist

Architect – Designer

David Gray


Mery Spears

Designer – Photographer